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Specialists in employee relocations to and from Norway, our team are conveniently based to assist and support throughout the relocation process. Speak to our team in Oslo today, for more help. 

Oslo office address

Ankerveien 209
1359 Eiksmarka

Tel : +47 67 16 16 16
Fax : +47 67 16 16 17

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Moving to Norway

Make sure you and your employer are up-to-date with the latest laws:

•  Immigration
•  Tax
•  Customs
•  Housing
•  Holidays & Office Closures

For a country profile/ moving guide, please request here.

Ensuring smooth international relocations for 40 years

Who are we?

Team Relocations is one of Europe’s leading global mobility companies, with offices operating out of 34 locations, of which Oslo is one. Since 1977, we have served both corporate and private clients, providing expert relocation services in conjunction with hand-picked local specialists.

What does Team Relocations do?

Our services cover three core, comprehensive disciplines: corporate relocation, moving and specialist services.

Corporate Employee Relocation Services.

In the event that a member of your team is required to work from an overseas location, you’ll want to ensure two things: the easiest transit for the employee and their family, and cost-efficient relocations management. We offer a suite of services to meet those requirements, so that you and the individual can choose specific elements, tailoring a plan to meet your unique needs. These include removals, language training, finding temporary accommodation and property services, to name but a few. We also offer a consulting service which advises clients on all aspects of employee relocation.

To discover more, see our corporate relocation pages.

Moving Services

We appreciate that moving to a brand new location involves more than just the physical transferring of possessions; it can be an emotional time. That’s why our moving services encompasses high levels of assistance which remove layers of bureaucracy and meet the needs of the families who are relocating; all overseen by a personal Move Manager to make the change as smooth as possible.

For more details, please visit the Moving Services page.

Specialist services

Relocating isn’t purely about moving people from one place to another, there are plenty of additional details which need to be considered. As such, we offer a range of specialist services that cover those things you didn’t think about initially, such as secure domestic storage options at one of our secure warehouse facilities. We also provide archive and document storage solutions with safe retrieval or scheduled destruction, as requested.

See the Specialist Services page for more information.

All our offices and crews work under Fidi standards and guidelines.

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