25 April 2017

UNITED STATES: Next Steps on Elimination of Visa Free Travel for US Citizens To Be Taken In May

Although discussions are ongoing between the US and the EU, it has been announced that the European Commission will meet at the beginning of May to provide more clarity on the resolution of European Parliament to review visa free travel for US citizens.

They will provide either one of the following:

  • A report detailing full visa reciprocity with the US
  • Or an act to propose suspending the visa waiver for US citizens

The resolution was made due to the fact that the US still does not allow visa free travel for 5 EU member states.

However, the European Commission has already expressed its reluctance to suspend the visa free travel due to significant consequences and any such act could be objected to by the European Parliament or the Council of the EU.

How does this affect the client?

No changes have been made yet but clients with a mobile US workforce to the EU should be aware of the negotiations and remain flexible enough for change that may come about as a result of.

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