9 November 2018

GLOBAL: Enrolment at International Schools increasing

A new research report, published by ISC Research in September, shows that enrolment at International Schools has increased globally by 7% during the last 12 months.

ISC suggests that this might be down to parents’ aspirations for their children, wanting to prepare them for careers abroad since the curriculum's are mainly in English and internationally accredited and recognised.

China is the biggest market with 18 new international schools added, with countries like UAE, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand following suit.

The total number of children now studying at international schools is 5.1 million with that expected to increase to 7 million in 2023.

Although the original concept for international schools came from the desire of expat families to keep education for their children consistent with that of their home country, the report now shows that local families are the majority of those sending their children to international schools. Good examples include Vietnam, China and India where the ratio of local families sending their children to international schools is actually higher than that of expat families.

For more in depth information and analysis you can go to the website of ISC here

How does this affect the client?

Employers should take note of this new report and if possible consult the actual figures from ISC. These increases in enrolment can lead to increase in competition and ultimately stress for families relocating to regions where these numbers are the highest. Employers should assist those families with support or advice on schooling from an earlier point during their transfers.


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