Settling-in Services

These flexible programmes are designed to ensure the employee and their family are settled-in comfortably and are able to integrate into their new community with confidence.

Making a smooth transition 

Our Client Manager will guide the employees and their family and show them how to utilise the resources available to them effectively, thereby successfully assimilating them into their new community.

This programme is similar to Destination Orientation but as it is delivered post-arrival, it is tailored to the specific area the employee has moved to.

Our settling-in service includes

Our orientation programme is designed to familiarise employees and their families with their new location once relocated.

See the steps involved with our orientation programme

Making sure the family is settled into their new home and location is only one aspect of the relocation process. We want to ensure your children’s educational needs are taken into consideration as well, making appointments with suitable schools, source prospectuses and give general advice and guidance.

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As well as looking after the children, taking into consideration the needs of the partner during the relocation is also important to us at Team Relocations. Career specialists can advise on the options available, and help assimilate your partner into their new environment as quickly as possible.

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You may not be emigrating, but only relocating whilst on assignment. Team Relocations is able to manage the vacated home throughout the period of the assignment.

See how we can manage your property at your home location.

Our flexible language training programmes are an essential part of the relocation process for both the employee and their family.

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