Brexit update 

15 February 2019

Q&A - UK citizens living in the Netherlands

I am a UK citizen currently living in the Netherlands. Can I stay here in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit?

As long as you have registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) you have the right to remain in the Netherlands throughout the transition period. The transition period will run from 29th March 2019 until 1st July 2020. During this time, you will be invited by the IND to apply for a residence permit.

Before the 29th March 2019, in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit, the IND will send you a letter that will act as your temporary residence permit throughout the transition phase.

I am a UK citizen living in the Netherlands, however I have not received a letter from the IND yet. What should I do?

The IND will has already started sending information letters to UK citizens who are currently registered in the BRP. If you have not yet received a letter, it could be that you are not registered correctly. If you have recently changed address, please ensure that this has been updated in the BRP. For an overview of your municipal records, visit You will need your DigiD to log into your account. 

If you are correctly registered but have not received a letter, please contact the IND to inform them.

Can I continue to drive in the Netherlands using my UK Driving license after 29th March in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit?

The short answer is no. After 29th March, your UK license will no longer be recognised as an EU license. Therefore, if you have been registered in the BRP for more than 185 days, you are no longer allowed to drive using your UK license. Non EU licences are valid in the Netherlands for a maximum of 185 days after the date of registration. You must exchange your UK licence for a Dutch license before you are able to drive. If you are registered in the Netherlands before the 29th March, you should be able to exchange your driving license, even after the Brexit date, without the need to re-take the examinations. You will likely have to provide a certificate of health in order to do so. The conditions for exchanging a driving license for UK citizens who arrive in the Netherlands after 29th March are not yet clear. 

Please be aware that during the period that you are exchanging your UK driving licence, you will not hold a valid license and will be unable to drive. This can take between 2-4 weeks, depending on your municipality. You must surrender your UK licence before exchanging to a Dutch license. Please contact your local municipality for more information.

Can I still relocate to the Netherlands as a UK citizen on or after 29th March in the event of a “No Deal”?

If no deal between the UK and the EU is agreed before the 29th March, UK citizens wanting to move to the Netherlands will likely need to fulfil the same conditions as non EU citizens in order to obtain residency in the Netherlands. The conditions for this are not yet clear, however, depending on your situation you may have to fulfil certain salary and employment criteria should you wish to live and work in the Netherlands. It is likely that an entry visa will not be required in order for UK citizens wanting to move to the Netherlands. Applications for residency can therefore be submitted after arrival in the Netherlands.

I am a UK citizen living in the Netherlands. What do I have to do in the meantime?  

You are not required to do anything at this stage. The IND will send you a letter and this will act as a temporary residence permit. You do not need to apply for this. You should receive this if you have already received the letter from the IND regarding the plans for Brexit. Some time before the 1st July 2020, you will receive an invitation from the IND inviting you to apply for your residence permit. 

In the mean time, it is a good idea to ensure that you are correctly registered in the BRP as mentioned above. If you wish to continue driving in the Netherlands, and you have not already done so, you will need to exchange your driving license before 29th March 2019. As soon as you receive your Dutch driving license, you are able to drive again.

Please note that the above only applies in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit.

How will a no deal Brexit impact my right to travel and work - as a UK citizen living in the Netherlands - within the EU?

Even in the event of a no deal, the Netherlands government has guaranteed the right of residence and work for those UK citizens who arrived on or prior to 29 March 2019. This right however is not automatically extended to other EU member states. Even though UK citizens would have a continued right of residence in the Netherlands they would be considered third country nationals in other EU member states unless otherwise agreed. Although not all EU member states have confirmed the way forward in a no deal scenario potentially, in terms of work, this may mean that short term assignments within the EU would become more complicated. In terms of business and leisure travel, although again not much is known, it is expected that UK citizens could travel within the Schengen area visa free.