Security - Business Continuity

Ensuring the best management of information security

Our Security policy concentrates centrally on the standards of ISO 27001:2019, together with the whole area of risk management and business continuity. The policy sets out our commitment to conduct our business in a way that complies with all legal and governmental requirements. In this policy, we set ourselves challenging commitments in areas such as Risk Assessment, Pandemic and Disaster Recovery, in addition to compliance with the latest environmental initiatives such as disposal of electrical and IT equipment.

Data Protection; Compliance to standards and regulations, whether a legal requirement or not is taken very seriously. Team has Quality Managers at each Country HQ who report directly to the Compliance Officer. As a European headquartered company, we base our data privacy policies on EU data protection legislation, such as the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 under which Team is a registered company. This governs how we collect, store and transmit data.

We subscribe to the theory that ‘prevention is better than cure’ which is why we pair Risk Assessment and Business Continuity (Disaster recovery) into a single heading: Risk Management. The prevention or recovery plan for any aspect of our business is far easier to design and manage if we are fully informed as to the inherent risks. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) covers all areas of activity, including customer facing and business and Information Communication Technology (ICT) support services. This BCP describes the Team activities to be undertaken to restore its customer-facing services and capacity following a significant business interruption incident or ICT failure.

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