22 June 2017

QATAR: Use of Pallets for Shipments

From 1 September 2017, all shipments arriving into Qatar need to be on pallets in order to aid customs inspections by the local customs officials. The original implementation date was 30 June 2017 but this has now been pushed forward to 1 September.

At present, most household goods shipments are loaded “loose” into containers. This means that cartons and furniture are packed/wrapped at the residence and loaded directly into a dry and clean shipping container. The loose loaded container is then secured internally by a bulkhead.

As of 1 September all shipments will need to be palletized so that the customs authority can easily offload the goods for inspection by using a forklift. This means that shipments will have to be loaded into “liftvans” which are effectively large wooden storage boxes. These boxes in turn would need to be loaded into the shipping container.

How Does This Affect the Client?

Due to required placement of liftvans into containers (effectively double packaging) there will be lost space in the containers. Team Relocations estimates that a maximum 45cbm can fit into a 40ft container.

This may have implications on companies’ policies related to the volume allowance as well possible higher costs due to the need of involving additional equipment/vehicles in the packing process. 


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