4 October 2018

UNITED KINGDOM: Port Disruptions

Our London branch reports that the ongoing port disruption in Felixstowe, due to a failed IT upgrade, has affected other ports. 

The challenges began to surface two months ago when the implementation of new terminal operating software did not go to plan. This meant that data had to be input manually and resulted in an efficiency loss of 50%. There has been no improvement in status, causing large disruptions for the haulage industry and other UK ports. 

Hauliers are reporting lengthy delays in collecting shipments and in some instances are turned away altogether. This coupled with already low haulage stock is resulting in delays of up to two weeks to collect containers for delivery or to collect empty equipment for loading. 

A further consequence is that many carriers are diverting vessels to other ports; Southampton, Tilbury and London Gateway. The rapid increase in traffic to and from these ports is now also resulting in equipment failure and haulage capacity challenges. The IT issues in Felixstowe are improving weekly however the knock-on effects may be felt for some weeks still.

Team Relocations will monitor the situation and will be updating all clients who are impacted by these delays.





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