Family Relocation Programmes

We know that relocations are more about just packing boxes. The whole family is moving to a country they may not be familiar with – it’s a daunting process for everyone involved. At Team Relocations, we aim to make the relocation as smooth and simple as possible, by ensuring every member of your family is looked after and has what they need to settle into their new home comfortably.

Our family programme covers a range of services, the details of which you can see below.


A big part of settling-in to your new home destination is integrating with the local community. Our client manager will show your family how to become a part of their new community by using the resources available to them. This service is delivered once you have arrived at your destination and is therefore tailored to your particular area.


Our orientation service will help you and your family get used to their new location and the local services available, including schools, leisure facilities and amenities, health facilities and the property market. We’ll also provide you with an area information pack, so everything you need is always to hand.

Cultural briefings

The culture, traditions and customs of your new location may differ hugely to what you’re used to at home, so it’s important to be informed before you relocate. Our cultural briefings will educate you and your family in several crucial areas, including:

  • Values, attitudes and behaviour
  • Social styles, courtesy, hospitality, listening and conversation
  • Business styles, leadership, decision-making and negotiating
  • Culture, customs and religion
  • Understanding culture shock and how to deal with it

Language training

If the country you’re relocating to has a different native language, it is vital you and your family take time to learn it, so that you can successfully become a part of your new community. Whether you just need a refresher or require a beginner’s course, we can tailor our language training services to each individual.

You can choose to have one-to-one or group tuition, which can occur either at your home or online, depending on your preferences and learning style. Your tutor will outline what you both expect to achieve as a result of the training in the form of objectives, as well as the frequency of your sessions and the amount of self-study you will do.

We can also tailor the tuition according to how quickly you wish to learn the language and how much spare time you have. For example, our intensive learning course is ideal for those who can spare a week or two for education alone. You may need to spread your learning out over several months if you are only able to one hour-long session a week.

There are several other factors we will consider when planning your language training, including:

  • Aptitude and language background
  • Location – will you be at home, work or in school?
  • Distance – will you need to submit assignments remotely?
  • How much studying you can do in-between lessons
  • External factors

In terms of assessment, you will be able to see your progression through our formal reports, examinations, questionnaires, self-assessments and appraisals. Your tutor will also give you informal feedback throughout your training.

Partner support

We understand that the relocation process can be hardest on the partner, especially if they need to start a new career. Our partner support programme ensures your partner settles into their new environment as quickly and seamlessly as you do.

They’ll receive advice and assistance from one of our career specialists. Whether your partner wishes to participate in additional study or find a new career, we can help. Our specialists can even find other opportunities which could be helpful to your partner’s career and assimilation, such as volunteer work and local community activities.

In summary, our partner support programme can include the following:

  • Job search, CV writing and signing up to reputable agencies
  • Charities and expatriate support programmes
  • Academic and lifestyle alternatives
  • Local networking groups, recreational and community activities

Education search

We understand that you want to disrupt your children’s lives as little as possible during your relocation, especially in terms of their education. Searching for a new school, however, can be a tough and time-consuming process.

That’s why we are here to help you with every step. We can source prospectuses, make appointments with suitable schools, advise you on the admission process and even accompany you on school visits if required.

Pet relocation

Your pet is just as big a part of the family as anyone, so it’s only natural you want to ensure they make it to your new home safely. Rest assured, your pet is in the right hands. We will select the best specialist animal transportation company available, who will handle every step of the process with the utmost care.

Our pet relocation programme includes:

  • Pre-departure health check, certificate and veterinary documentation
  • Provision of an International Air Transport Association (IATA)-approved air container/kennel
  • Pre-boarding prior to departure
  • Flight reservation
  • Customs clearance on arrival and hand out to owner
  • Delivery to residence
  • Quarantine service
  • Pet courier service (accompanied throughout trip)


To live and work in another country, you will need to correct visas and residence permits. Obtaining these, however, isn’t always easy and straight-forward. It’s a long, arduous process – wouldn’t it be great if someone could take it off your hands?

That’s exactly what we do at Team Relocations; you won’t have to worry about doing several hours’ worth of paperwork. We’ll work with your employers to ensure the whole process goes smoothly for you and your family, giving you one less thing to worry about.

For more information about our immigration services, click here.

Advanced webZone technology

Our webZone keeps you updated on the relocation process and provides you with a wealth of destination-specific and cross-cultural information. This allows you and your family to do the necessary preparation and background reading during the relocation process. On the portal, you’ll find information and support regarding the following:

  • Housing
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Travel times
  • Emergency contacts
  • General information about the destination

You can also submit relocation expense claims via our webZone portal, if Team Relocations is managing this side of things for your employer.

Learn more about the Advanced webZone technology

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