Holidays and Offices Closure 

25 May 2019

GLOBAL: Office closures during Ramadan & the Eid al-Fitr holiday

During Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting which started on May 6th and continues until June 3rd this year, processing in countries with a significant Muslim population is slower. 

The Eid al-Fitr holiday, known as the "Festival of Breaking the Fast", is an important religious holiday which marks the end of Ramadan. Businesses should expect certain countries to close their offices in celebration of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which runs from the evening of Wednesday 5th June 2019 - Thursday 6th June 2019.

How does this affect your organisation?

•  Employers should continue to arrange timely applications to avoid delays in processing and check the individual office hours for businesses and employees partaking in Ramadan.

•  Employers and individuals should ensure they work around the office closures during the Eid al-Fitr holiday

•  Processing delays will affect visa, work permits and immigration-related services.

•  Employers should always remain sensitive to employees, clients and partners during Ramadan and the following Eid al-Fitr




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