Holidays and Offices Closure 

3 May 2018

GLOBAL: Offices to shorten business hours during Ramadan

As we reported in the previous ReloTalk, this year, the Ramadan is expected to begin around 15 May. During this period government offices and private businesses in many Islamic countries will have reduced opening hours. In addition to that, countries in the Middle East are also observing a summer working ban which prohibits workers from carrying out any work under direct sunlight from 12.30-3.00pm from 15 June to 15 September. This restriction in working hours will result in crews requiring additional time to complete a move and extra number of days needed compared to the norm.

How Does This Affect the Client?

The observance of Ramadan will result in potential delays when submitting documents and obtaining approval from business and government agencies. One of the known impacts is the extended time required for shipments to be cleared and delivered. Team Relocations also wishes to highlight that such delays may lead to possible additional demurrage and/or port charges.

Team Relocations will always keep the assignee informed about any possible delays when scheduling services and will strive to limit the impact wherever possible. Companies are, however, advised to plan ahead to minimize unnecessary delays.


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