16 August 2017

THE NETHERLANDS: Rents are rising faster outside big cities

The rent for ‘free sector’ homes in the Netherlands is rising faster outside the big cities, according to a report by leading property rental platform Pararius.

Rents rose by an average 10% in the smaller cities while in the big western urban agglomeration known as the Randstad rents rose an average of 4.3% in the second quarter of 2017.

But prices in the northern province of Groningen shot up 17% in the same period while those in the newest province Flevoland saw a 23% increase.

The increase was not unexpected; as the limits have been reached in many areas with very high rents, a lot of tenants are giving up and looking elsewhere, outside the city. 

Jasper de Groot, Pararius’ director,  expects the trend toward higher rents to continue throughout the country. ‘Demand continues to increase and the structural shortage of good housing grows wider,’ he said.


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