2 August 2017

UK/AUSTRALIA: Global investors start to focus more on housing markets

The institutional multi-housing sector which is already well developed in the US and Germany is also starting to gain traction in the UK and Australia according to Knight Frank.

Institutional investors are defined as a group of entities that pool money in order to purchase securities, or in this case specifically, property. Currently, in the UK and Australia the housing market is dominated by small private landlords but institutional investors are now actively looking into these expanding markets and hoping to capitalise.

Within Australia, cities such as Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane are expected to show the most growth and the same is expected in London in the UK.

Although this type of sector is starting to grow in the UK and Australia, the demand for rental housing with the highest growth rate is in Middle Eastern countries.

For more detailed information on the statistics please see the full article here

How does this affect the client?

This can be good news especially for employers in locations such as London where the housing market is extremely competitive. If the multi-housing market really gains traction then it could mean an increase of options for accommodation and possibly better standards.


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