24 January 2018

UNITED KINGDOM: Possible effective date for lettings fee ban announced

Landlords in England are being urged to continue planning for the ban on letting fees now that a possible effective date has been announced. Although it has been confirmed that the ban won’t be introduced until spring 2019, landlords are advised to use this time to prepare and consider how they will manage their costs. 

Since the publishing of the new bill, many headlines have focused on how the ban could easily lead to higher rents. It might also reduce the quality of rented accommodation as landlords may tighten their purse strings. 

Letting fees were already introduced in Scotland in 2012 and research showed that there has not been a huge rise in rents. According to the Scottish Government, the lettings fee ban has helped tenants.

The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) is very pleased to see more clarity on the timetable for implementation of the ban. Pre-legislative scrutiny of the proposed bill is being carried out by the Government before presenting the bill to parliament. 

How does this affect the client? 

For employers and their foreign nationals who are renting in the UK market, the ban on lettings fees has the potential to reduce housing costs.



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