Comprehensive immigration services

Immigration accounts for a significant part of any international assignment programme. However, obtaining work visas and residence permits can be a lengthy, arduous and confusing process. Every country has a defined set of rules and regulations which must be followed precisely.

Team Relocations offers advice and assistance in securing and managing work permits and visas, right through to repatriation, removing this burden from you.


Our comprehensive immigration service includes:

  • Consultancy: Immigration advice from a team of dedicated specialists
  • Paperwork: Pre-screening, documentation notarising, making the various applications
  • Managing the process and timings involved: Liaising with the relevant authorities on your behalf, ensuring the prospective work permit meets the regulatory criteria of the destination country
  • On-going management: Flagging important renewal dates, assisting with departure formalities or extension applications
  • Support: Communicating regularly throughout the process, updates on visa tracking and additional services for partners.

Dedicated experts

Our team of trained Visa and Immigration (V&I) specialists are responsible for managing the process from end-to-end, in adherence with the relevant regulations. This includes arranging the necessary immigration documentation/permits for individuals and providing consultancy services on all related topics.

We pride ourselves on our world-class customer service, informing the necessary parties at every stage and communicating with the appropriate immigration authorities on your behalf. You can rest assured that your case is in the hands of an expert.


We offer a consultancy service, where our V&I specialists can discuss your immigration queries and talk through the processes.

For additional advice, our ReloTalk newsletter shares the latest immigration news, country by country. It breaks down any changes and how they may affect clients, with advice on action that needs to be taken.

Immigration support for partners

Research from the Global Relocation Trends Report (Brookfield 2011) reveals that although almost two-thirds of spouses and partners were employed before an international assignment, only 12 per cent successfully secured employment during their time overseas.

As such, we provide support for partners who are accompanying those undertaking overseas assignments, offering assistance in obtaining visas and work permits so that they too can work in the host country.

Team Relocations is officially authorised to provide immigration advice and services in the UK by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).


To learn more about our Immigration service, please get in touch.

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