11 May 2017

AUSTRALIA: More restrictive rules introduced for Citizenship applications

Following on from an announcement made by the Australian government on 20 April 2017, any applications submitted for Citizenship after that time will be subject to tighter rules.

An application for Citizenship can now only be made after 4 years and a demonstrable level of English will be required before even being able to apply.

Furthermore, there will be a maximum of 3 attempts allowed to pass the test before the application is refused and there will be a 2 year cooling off period enforced before a new application is allowed to be lodged.

As follows is a quick summary of some of the other changes:

  • Test of Australian values and social norms to be included
  • Criminal records and adherence to social security rules will be reviewed with more scrutiny
  • Applicants will have to pledge allegiance to Australia

How does this affect the client?

For foreign nationals making citizenship applications after 20 April 2017 the aforementioned changes should be taken into account. Any new requirements introduced can also mean that processing of applications can take longer due to more time needed for review.


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