13 September 2018

BRAZIL: Additional immigration rules clarify New Migration Law

Brazil's Ministry of Labor has published two additional Normative Resolutions, clarifying further details on certain aspects of the new immigration law that was introduced in November 2017.

1. Residence renewals

One of the Normative Resolutions introduces a new list of document requirements for residence renewals.

The new documents must be submitted by all foreign nationals, in addition to the existing requirements per visa type. These documents include an application form, Power of Attorney, documents proving legal representative status, a copy of the RNM/RNE Card and a signed declaration stating the applicant holds no criminal record. 

2. Temporary visas

The other Normative Resolution introduces a new set of rules regarding temporary visas for foreign nationals without employment offers, based on an International Cooperation Agreement. Most foreign nationals entering Brazil, however, will not be using this type of visa since they will be employed in Brazil.

The Ministry of Labor will process renewal applications within 30 days from the date the application was submitted.

How does this affect the client?

Companies with employees that require residence renewals are advised to reach out to their immigration provider for more information on the renewed process for residence authorisation renewals.



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