9 June 2017

BRAZIL: Extensive changes to immigration law released

A new immigration law published by the Brazilian government introduces substantial changes. Although the main focus appears to be humanitarian, there are also other benefits to be obtained for business travellers.

This new law reflects two desire of the Brazilian government:

1. To encourage more foreign workers to come to the country and;
2. To help 
companies recruit and retain foreign workers

Effective in 180 days from 1 June, the new law proposes such changes as follows:

  • Guaranteeing rights for foreign nationals that are equal to those of Brazilian citizens;
  • Temporary work visa’s will be granted to foreign nationals holding a letter offering employment, and for those with a university degree they will be eligible for temporary work visa’s even without an offer letter;
  • Greater protection of Brazilians abroad;
  • A new Visitor Visa category will be introduced to encourage more travel and tourism to Brazil.

Although many changes have been introduced there was no mention on the Permanent Visa program in this new publication.

How does the affect the client?

Employer’s should take account of the changes and update their processes accordingly. The changes will be especially beneficial for those coming to Brazil on business travel as the related processes have been streamlined such as with the new Visitor Visa category.


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