19 July 2017

BRAZIL: Issuance of passports temporarily suspended for nationals residing in Brazil

A temporary suspension, with no end date yet proposed, has been announced for the issuance of passports for Brazilian nationals residing in Brazil by the Federal police. The reason being cited is budgetary constraints.

It is not clear yet whether this suspension applies to consulates abroad that issue passports to Brazilian expatriates but it might in the future. However nothing has changed for Brazilian nationals who are required to travel within the South American region as they only have to use their ID cards.

An allowance to this policy is made for those urgently needing to travel but the decision to issue passports in these cases is left to the discretion of the authorities and will be decided on a case by case basis.

How does this affect the client?

Brazilian nationals hoping to obtain a new passport should take this suspension into account and plan accordingly. This also applies to Employers hoping to send Brazilian nationals on assignments abroad. Long delays and processing times should be expected for the issuance of the passports; as well as significant delays to mobilise a Brazilian workforce for international assignment.



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