4 October 2018

BRAZIL: New identity cards for foreign nationals affecting immigration procedures

The Brazilian government has established new identity cards for foreign nationals - the National Migration Registration Portfolio (CRNM).

The CRNM is the new form of identification for foreign nationals who hold a temporary visa or a resident permit and is also applicable to border residents. The issuance of CRNMs starts 20 November and replaces the former RNM which is still valid until their expiration date.

Refugee applications will receive the Provisional Document of the National Migration Registry (DPRNM) and will be issued as of 1st October.

With the introduction of the new identity cards, foreign nationals should expect delays in processing times as Federal Police stations are upgrading their information technology system. This has significant impact on the procedures and documents required for foreign nationals to complete the registration process.

The Federal Police in Sao Paolo has announced to temporarily suspend all appointments, but will return to normal activities later in October. Those with previously scheduled appointments will receive a “certificate of presence” and are asked to return in October. Only urgent cases are granted new appointments which are at the discretion of the Federal Police. 

The Federal Police in Rio de Janeiro has also announced that all appointments are suspended for identity cards, but have not mentioned when scheduling will return to normal.

How does this affect the client? 

Employers should expect delays in processing times and obtaining the new identity cards during this transition period. 

Foreign nationals should be aware that processing of new identity cards will take approximately six months to be issued from the date of the initial police registration appointment, up from approximately three months.




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