30th August 2017

COLOMBIA: New immigration law as of 1 November 2017

Effective 1 November 2017, a new immigration law will be introduced in Colombia. Current visa types will be replaced by three new categories: Visitor Visa, Migrant Visa (valid for work up to 3 years) and Resident Visa (permanent residency and work).

The Visitor Visa in particular will encompass a large group of applicants such as tourists, business visitors, off-shore workers and some intracompany transferees. Permits for very specific professions will still be required when applicable.

Up until 1 November the current rules pertaining to permits and visas will be applied.

How does this affect the client?

By reducing the number of categories it is hoped that the new classification system will streamline the current immigration process for foreign nationals.

Employers should keep abreast of the changes and ensure their processes are up to date in order to accommodate the new changes.


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