3 May 2018

EUROPEAN UNION: New European Labour Authority (ELA) expected 2019

The European Commission has proposed to establish a European Labour Authority, in order to improve information access, promote cooperation and facilitate joint inspections for compliance and social security within the European Union. 

The new agency would improve access to relevant information on job opportunities and apprenticeships. It is expected that this will positively impact employers and would remove uncertainty for employers seeking to move foreign nationals within the European Union.

Furthermore, the ELA would aim for a faster exchange of data on national legislation and policy. Part of the ELA staff would also include experts form national government departments, so that employers or foreign workers can obtain information directly from this panel. Lastly, the ELA would help national government departments organize joint labour law inspections.  It is expected that this will improve enforcement of EU rules as there will be a more structured system since there are less hurdles for cross-border inspections. 

How does this affect the client?

Currently, the proposal is not officially approved by the European Parliament and Council of Ministers yet. However, this new initiative should commence in 2019 and become fully operational in 2023, according to the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour mobility. 

When this new agency is approved it would replace a number of existing EU committees and will work closely with a number of related EU agencies.





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