14 March 2018

GHANA: Update to the new medical exam procedure 

New details have been released by the Ghanaian authorities surrounding the new requirement for all those applying for work and residence permits now must obtain a medical clearance certificate at a Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) clinic in Accra.  Even though medical exams have always been a requirement, applicants need to attend an appointment at the GIS clinic in Ghana specifically and obtain the medical clearance certificate from the clinic.

Effective as of February 15, the tests to be carried out at the GIS clinic include Hepatitis A and B, HIV, syphilis, lung and musculoskeletal diseases, central nervous system tests, sickle cell among others.  Important to note that these tests are performed on a walk-in basis only, therefore no appointments can be booked and all x-rays will be conducted offsite by a third party contractor.  Results will be sent to the work and residence permit section within 24 hours and will be made available to applicants who request them.

The GIS clinic hours available for the exams are Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 pm and the government fee for the exam is 900 cedis (approx. $200 USD).  The X-rays will be conducted by Sunshine Medical Healthcare at the Airport Residential Area in Accra, which will also have an additional fee that will need to be paid.

How does this affect the client?

For all those applying for work and residence permits, time needs to be set aside for the additional time in-country for the above mentioned testing with an additional visit to the alternate location for x-rays.  It remains unclear as to how long these medical appointments will take.





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