18 April 2019

INDIA: Changes to E-visa’s for business travelers

In a bid to attract more business travelers, the Indian authorities have implemented new legislation expanding the scope of E-visa’s for business travelers.

E-visa’s for business travelers are now valid for up to one year and the holder can remain in the country for 180 days. Multiple entries are now also permitted without restriction.

Nationals of 166 countries are eligible for the E-visa and the process for application has been greatly simplified, meaning that busy business travelers no longer have to send their passports off to an Indian embassy.

The government has changed this deadline several times already. You can read more about it here

How does this affect the client?

This is very positive for employers that regularly send foreign nationals to India for business travel.  With the softening of restrictions in terms of validity, duration and number of entries allowed, time will be saved as applications are not required to be submitted as often.




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