25 April 2017

ITALY: Notification Requirement for Certain Incoming Workers Waived

Since 26 December 2016 there has been a requirement in Italy for employers to follow a notification process for seconded workers. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy launched an online portal where certain mandatory details had to be submitted before the assignment start date.

However, following a new decree from the Ministry of Labour, the notification is no longer applicable for the following groups of workers:

  • Non-EU managers, Specialists or Trainees seconded to Italy from Non-EU companies (those falling under the new ICT directive)
  • Researchers
  • Self employed workers

For all other types of workers the notification obligation still applies.

How does this affect the client?

Clients who have already reported notifications for the aforementioned types of workers should check whether these need to be cancelled and moving forward should follow the new process.



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