11 May 2017

JAPAN: Change in visa requirements for Chinese Nationals 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced some changes making the visa requirements for Chinese nationals less strict. 

From 8 May 2017, the following changes are taking effect:  

  • Three-year multiple-entry visa 

Chinese nationals and their families who can demonstrate sufficient financial means are eligible for a new three-year multiple-entry visa. The visa allows stays of up to 30 days per visit, wherein the first visit must be for sightseeing.

  • Five-year multiple-entry visa 

The existing five-year multiple-entry visa (stays up to 90 days for each visit) for Chinese nationals and their families with substantially high incomes will no longer be limited to first visits to Japan for sightseeing. This visa may also be used for business affairs and visits to relatives/acquaintances. Additionally, this visa has become available to individuals who are able to arrange their plane tickets and accommodation themselves without having to use a travel agency.

  • Three-year multiple-entry visa for Chinese tourists 

The three-year multiple-entry visa for individual Chinese tourists visiting the Tohoku region will be expanded from three prefectures to six. Additionally, the requirement for a travel history to Japan within the past three years has been abolished. 

How does this affect the client?

These changes in visa requirements should reduce processing for Chinese business travellers and their family members who make frequent trips to Japan. 


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