3 May 2018

KUWAIT: Hiring of foreign nationals restricted

The regulations regarding the hiring of foreign nationals in Kuwait have been getting stricter in recent months and effective immediately, the Kuwaiti authorities have announced yet another change which may make the process harder; it will only be possible to hire an engineer if they are first approved by the Kuwait Engineers Society (KES).

According to the authorities these changes are being implemented in an effort to reduce the burden on the social and housing system in Kuwait which is currently being tested by the large number of expats.

This could have considerable impact if the applicant engineers in question did not graduate from universities which are recognised by KES.

The Kuwaiti Authorities also plan to stop hiring of foreign employees under the age of 30 if they hold a university degree or diploma as per 1 July 2018. Those over the age of 30 holding a degree or diploma however will still be permitted to apply for a work permit.

How does this affect the client?

Employers should take the new changes into account and ensure that their processes are up to date. They should also expect an increase in lead time due to the additional approval needed from the Kuwait Engineers Society so should aim to start immigration procedures earlier than previously.


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