17 January 2019

MEXICO: New policy requires applicants to apply in person for a police clearance certificate

The Mexican Federal Authorities have implemented a new policy that requires foreign nationals applying for a police clearance certificates, to do so in person.

Previously, the police clearance certificate was obtained through the assistance of a representative who was given a power of attorney. Now, foreign nationals who are applying for a visa and/or work permit for a foreign country, or who are applying for Mexican citizenship, must appear in person to apply for the police clearance certificate. 

The implementation of this new procedure has resulted in delays in acquiring the certificates. 

How does this affect the client?

Foreign nationals living in Mexico should take into account the delays with the issuance of the certificates and schedule their application and departure from Mexico accordingly.

Foreign nationals living abroad must seek assistance from family members still living in Mexico and/or the Mexican consulate in their current country of residence.


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