25 May 2019

MEXICO: New visa requirements and delays

Mexico’s National Institute of Migration has introduced new requirements for visa and renewal applications.

New visa applications
Applications will strictly not be accepted until the employer registration is up-to-date.

Visa Renewal applications
Visa renewal applications will be accepted and approved within 20-25 business days, now according to law.

2 weeks’ delay for residence permits
Announced by The National Institute of Immigration office in Mexico City, renewals and exchanges for residence permits in Mexico City will now take up to 20 business days (rather than the usual 7). The duration of these delays is unknown.

This adds to other significant processing delays caused by the transition to a new government (and the personnel changes involved) and the shifting of resources to address an increased migration from Central America.


How does this affect your organisation?

Employers must make sure their employer registrations have been updated prior to submitting visa and renewal applications or they risk being rejected.

Employers of foreign nationals should factor the delays to renewing or exchanging residence permits. If foreign workers need to travel whilst their renewal is pending can obtain a departure and reentry permit at least one week in advance from their local immigration office to ensure they have no problems re-entering the country.




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