6 July 2018

MEXICO: Stricter policies towards foreign nationals in Mexico City

Effective immediately, the Mexico City regional office of the National Migration Institute (INM) is applying stricter rules affecting foreign nationals. 

The key changes are as follows: 

   •  Foreign nationals who are seeking to renew temporary residence with work authorization, may not qualify for expedited processing without certain additional documentation, such as the current employer’s corporate registration certificate. While the renewal application will be processed without submitting a valid registration, it will not be processed under expedited service. 
   •  As of now, family dependants who want to renew their temporary residence must provide a confirmation of the family relationship that is under oath and signed by the primary applicant. 
   •  In order to complete the local registration of temporary residents, who were issued a visa by a Mexican consulate based on family bonds and invitation, the applicant must submit a detailed letter explaining their activities in the country. This letter must be signed under oath.  
   •  To notify the INM of a change of address and employer, employees must provide a copy of a utility bill showing the new address as well as a copy of the current employer’s registration certificate. 

How Does This Affect the Client?

Foreign employees, their family members and the employers should factor in additional time in the preparation process due to the stricter requirements that are now applicable in Mexico City. Furthermore, following the recent presidential election on 1 July 2018, additional changes may occur.  


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