11 May 2017

THE NETHERLANDS: ICT permit can be converted to Knowledge Migrant permit after 3 years

After some discussion on the subject, confirmation was received from the Immigration Authorities (IND) that a person holding an ICT permit can change to a Knowledge Migrant permit after the 3 year maximum duration has been reached. This can be done without having to adhere to the 6 month cooling off period and therefore can be applied while the applicant is in the Netherlands.

Further to this, they also confirmed that the initial assignment contract for the ICT permit does not have to be limited to 3 years. 

This guidance comes from the IND but they have affirmed that the EU has the authority to revoke this decision if they deem necessary.

How does this affect the client?

This is a positive development for Employer’s in the Netherlands and can be taken into account for the creation of the initial assignment contract.


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