21 December 2018

THE NETHERLANDS: IND weekly inspections & fines


At end of last year the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND) had confirmed that they would be undertaking more vigorous checks, alongside on-site audits, of recognised sponsors to ensure that they meet all obligations and conditions of their sponsorship.

The IND has now confirmed that those checks have been carried out in conjunction with the Labour Inspectorate (SWZ) and fines will be levied on those not in compliance with the regulations. As a result of the collaboration in 2018 between the IND and SWZ, they will continue to work together in 2019 and carry out more inspections.

Fines issued

According to an update from the IND on their website, 8 employers have been fined totalling 65,000 EUROS; some have even had their recognised sponsorship revoked.

Impact on companies

The fines would be a big blow to companies, as the status of recognised sponsorship ensures faster and more efficient handling of applications, based on a relationship of trust where the IND grants permits for knowledge migrants without requesting in depth information and documentation up front.

How does this affect the client?

All employers with status of recognised sponsor in the Netherlands should check their administration and consider carrying out internal audits to ensure that all obligations and conditions are met and administration concerning knowledge migrants is up to date.

Please refer to page 12 of the Coming to work in the Netherlands document from the IND to be reminded of the 3 obligations as recognised sponsor that must be met at all times.


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