21 December 2018

THE NETHERLANDS: New salary requirements for knowledge migrant made known

A knowledge migrant is someone from outside of the European Union who relocates to the Netherlands for work, based on their specialist knowledge.

Every year the minimum salary requirements for Knowledge Migrants change. The new monthly salary requirements for 2019 for Knowledge Migrants have been published and are as follows:

Salary Knowledge Migrants

in 2018:

in 2019:

30 years and older     

€ 4,404

€ 4,500

Younger than 30 years old

€ 3,229

€ 3,299

Graduated in the Netherlands

€ 2,314

€ 2,364

Blue Card Holders

€ 5,160

€ 5,272









These are the gross monthly amounts and are excluding holiday pay. The salary amounts for employees younger than 30 years old and 30 years and older are also applicable for the ICT transferees. The new salary requirements are effective for applications that are submitted as of 1 January 2019.

How Does This Affect the Client? 

Employers should note the new minimum salary levels for 2019 and ensure that upcoming applications meet the new criteria. For current permit holders, the old amounts are applicable, i.e the salary does not need to be adjusted as per 1 January 2019. The new salary criteria will only be applicable at the moment of a change like upon extension or change of employer; essentially for all applications submitted after 1 January 2019 (including extensions and changes) the new amounts apply.


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