4 October 2018

NEW ZEALAND: Interim visa duration extended 

Interim visas are granted to employees whose current visa is soon to expire, where a decision has not yet been made regarding their new visa application.

This interim period was previously valid for up to 6 months, until they were either granted their visa or their visa application was denied. If denied, the visa became unlawful the next day so the individual would have to leave straight away.

Now, the applicant has an extra 21 days if their application has been denied. This means that, now, the interim visa starts from the day after the current visa’s expiration date and expires either i) upon approval of the application, ii) 21 days after a denial of the application, or iii) after six months, if a decision has not been made.

How does this affect the client?

This is a positive change for individuals whose visas have been declined, as it gives them 21 days to either challenge the visa decision or organise their affairs before departing. It also allows a further 21 days to work, for applicants who have been granted working rights.

Employers and HR teams should update procedures following a visa denial, and ensure foreign nationals working and living in New Zealand are aware of this change.




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