20 December 2018

NEW ZEALAND: Minimum Income Threshold increased

 Last month there were drastic increases in immigration application fees.  This month, the minimum income thresholds for essential skills work visas and skilled migrant residence visas have been set to increase. Please see below.

Essential skills work visas

Skill Level

Current Rate

26 November 2018

Visa Duration

Low-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 1-3)

Less than NZD 20.65/hour

Less than NZD 21.25/hour

12 months

Low-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 4-5)

Less than NZD 36.44/hour

Less than NZD 37.50/hour

12 months

Mid-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 1-3)

Less than NZD 20.65 - 36.43/hour

Less than NZD 21.25 - 37.49/hour

3 years

High-skilled employment (Any ANZSCO level)

At least NZD 36.44/hour

Less than NZD 37.50/hour

5 years

Skilled migrant residence visas

Skill level

Current rate

26 November 2018

Skilled employment at ANZSCO level 1-3.

NZD 24.29/hour

NZD 25.00/hour

Skilled employment at ANZSCO levels 4-5 (or where there is no matching ANZSCO code).

NZD 36.44/hour

NZD 37.50/hour

How does it affect the client?

Employers should ensure employees are aware of this increase and review salaries, if required.





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