2 August 2018

SPAIN: Stricter salary requirements for highly qualified workers

The Spanish authorities have started requiring a higher minimum salary for foreign highly qualified workers applying for residence permits under the Entrepreneur’s Act.

Applications with salaries of EUR 30,000 are no longer accepted on the grounds that the salaries do not correspond to a position requiring a higher qualification. Although this threshold was not official, it was generally used as a standard.

The Entrepreneur’s Act does not specify the salary threshold, and the only reference in Spanish legislation to the salary of highly qualified workers is in respect the EU Blue Card process. Therefore, it is recommended that highly-qualified workers under the Entrepreneur’s Act meet the Blue Card salary criteria of 1.5 times the average salary for the specific job category in the company’s sector.

How does this affect the client?

Companies should prepare for delays in start dates and the need to adjust salaries for highly qualified foreign employees. It is also advisable that employers consult their immigration specialist for case-specific advice on how to meet the unannounced new salary criteria.




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