24 May 2017

SWITZERLAND: Federal Council reinstates cap on Romanian and Bulgarian workers

As per 1 June 2017, the Swiss Federal Council has instated a quota on workers coming from Bulgaria and Romania, also know as the safeguard clause. Long stay (also known as B) permits will be limited to a total of 996 for the following year and will be released quarterly.

This bid to control immigration is in accordance with bilateral agreements made by Switzerland with the EU. Although instated currently for one year, the safeguard clause can remain in place until 31 May 2019 and is invoked on the basis that immigration from the aforementioned countries has surpassed a 10% median from the previous three years. In fact in the case of Switzerland, immigration has doubled from Bulgaria and Romania in the last year alone.

Short stay permits (also know as L permits) are not affected by this change and applications submitted before 1 June will not be included in the quota.

How does this affect the client?

Employers intending to hire workers from Bulgaria or Romania on a B permit should take this change into account and try to submit their applications before 1 June.


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