8 June 2017

TAIWAN: Visa rules relaxed for other Asian countries

In a bid to encourage more travel and investment in the region, Taiwan has introduced much more relaxed rules on visa and immigration for several of its Asian neighbours, the main changes will take effect as of 1 June.

There is already a pilot in place for nationals of Thailand and Brunei to apply for multiple entry travel authorisation certificates online but this kind of authorisation will also now apply to nationals of Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar. This will only be applicable however  if they have been granted a visa in the past 10 years but will be available for business travel.

Nationals from the Philippines are currently eligible for the travel authorisation certificate (single entry) or an e-visa for short visits and tourism but the full visa waiver is expected for them as of September 2017.

Business travellers from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will also be able to apply for e-visa’s if recommended by the local Taiwanese office of external trade and development council.

How does this affect the client?

This is good news for Employer’s in Taiwan and foreign nationals hoping to go there from the aforementioned countries. The visa waiver will allow much smoother travel and business between the countries since the administrative burden of applying for a visa is waived.


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