8 November 2017

TURKEY/US: Update to Travel restrictions for US Citizens

The Turkish Consulate in New York has confirmed that they will release work visas to US citizens only if the Visa application was submitted prior to visa suspension that came into effect on 9 October 2017.  However other Turkish consulates in the US are suggesting that they will not issue visa to US citizens without clarification as to why.

Important to note that as previously reported on the last issue of ReloTalk, the below currently remain unchanged:

  • Turkish consulates outside the US may be willing to issue visas.  This appears to vary per consulate as some consulates require US citizens to be either a long-term resident or a citizen of the country where the consulate is located.
  • For US citizens with visas issued prior to 9 October that held valid stickers, evisas or border visas can enter Turkey regardless of whether or not they arrive on a flight directly from the US.

Another option for US citizens would possibly purchase a sticker visa upon entry at the Turkish airport as long as the flight did not originate in the US. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and report further developments as they become available.



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