21 December 2018

TURKEY: Visa-on-arrival system to be negated

Nationals from a select number of countries were previously able to purchase a visa-on-arrival when travelling to Turkey.  Turkey is now in the process of changing this procedure by obliging all those who travel to Turkey for tourism or commerce to purchase on e-visa before arrival. The e-visa can be purchased online at For travellers whose purpose is work and study, visas need to be obtained through the Turkish Embassies and Consulates.

Benefits of the e-visa:

  • Lower purchase fees than for a visa-on-arrival.
  • Less time-consuming procedure. Filling out the e-visa application online takes less time than having your information collected by Turkish officials at ports of entry. 
  • Can be purchased from any location and device with an Internet connection.

Travellers must carry a copy of the e-visa with them when passing through passport control. 

How does this affect the client?

Visitors previously eligible for the visa-on-arrival must now plan ahead and obtain their e-visa before travelling to Turnkey. 



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