16 August 2017

UNITED KINGDOM: Committee to analyse effect of EU migration on economy

The Home Office has requested an independent analysis to be conducted into the effect of EU migration on the Economy of the UK. Up until 27 October 2017, the Migration Advisory Committee will collect evidence and opinions from businesses and experts in order to present their findings back to the Home Office.

It is thought that the outcome of this review will shape the negotiations between the UK and the EU on the movement of people between the two and ultimately affect immigration to the UK after the Brexit deadline.

Areas of focus will be on how the UK benefits economically and socially from EU migration but also on recruitment practices and what types of jobs are filled by EU migrants.

How does this affect the client?

Since the outcome of the review could potentially affect future negotiations, the future mobility of EU nationals to the UK will certainly be shaped by the review. Employers in the UK are encouraged to find out how to contribute to the review and submit their opinions.


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