4 October 2018

UNITED KINGDOM: New report published on recommendations post-Brexit

A new advisory report has been published by the Migration Advisory Committee in the UK, detailing their recommendations on how to manage EU Migration post-Brexit. The deadline for the UK leaving the EU is 29 March 2019 but the transition period will continue until 31 December 2020.

The committee analysed the social and economic impact of migration, covering wages, public finances, the continuance of public services and more. The committee has provided key recommendations and, although these are not binding, it will likely influence key policy decisions made by the UK government regarding EU migration post-Brexit.

Key points

Key points to take from the report are:

  1. The UK will most likely apply the same provisions to EU citizens as it does for migrants outside of the EU (there will be no special or fast-track treatment)
  2. Salary thresholds and skills will be important in determining entrance, rather than quota’s, and there will be no cap on migrants for Tier 2
  3. Recommendations were made for migration restrictions for lower skilled workers

For more detailed information, find the report here.

How does this affect the client?

Employers should prepare to apply the same rigorous immigration procedures for EU citizens as with Non-EU citizens transferring to the UK. Employers also need to prepare for the same treatment for UK citizens in European countries, if no deal is reached prior to the cut-off date. Employers should keep abreast of all changes and also update procedures where necessary.




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