9 November 2018

UNITED KINGDOM: Second Phase of pilot 'EU Settled Status Scheme' launched

The UK’s Home Office has published a statement detailing immigration changes affecting EU citizens living in the UK and their employers.

The EU Settlement Scheme 

This scheme is currently in testing stage, which hopes to successfully enable EU citizens resident in the UK (and their family members) to obtain the UK immigration status required to live and work in the UK.

The first phase of testing has been completed, allowing the second phase of testing to commence this month. 

Second phase of pilot scheme

This phase will run from 1 November to 21 December 2018 to test the full application process. The scheme will eventually be implemented on a phase-by-phase basis, becoming fully operational by 30 March 2019 (the day after Brexit), intended to offer status in U.K. law for the estimated 3 million European citizens currently living in the UK under the European free movement law.

EU citizens wanting permanent residence

Those with five years’ residence in the UK would be granted settled status (i.e., permanent residence). Those without 5 years’ residence will be granted pre-settled status (given limited leave) to allow them to get to the five-year mark.

How does this affect the client?

While there is no immediate business impact of the EU settlement scheme testing phase, employers should carefully consider how they will support employees when they register under the EU Settlement Scheme once it goes live in 2019.




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