12 April 2017

UNITED KINGDOM: White paper published on conversion of EU law post Brexit

The UK Government presented their approach to the conversion of existing EU law to UK domestic law post Brexit in the recently published White Paper on The Great Repeal Bill. 

The White Paper confirms that the Bill will repeal the European Communities Act, converting EU law into domestic law when the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union. Prior to that exact date, no changes will take effect.

Once the EU law is transferred into domestic UK law, Parliament will be able to amend any piece of European Union Law including those relating to free movement rights. Changes to the rights of EU nationals post Brexit will require further UK Parliamentary legislation. Until such time, EU nationals in the United Kingdom as well as British nationals in Europe continue to benefit from free movement provisions.

Before becoming law, Parliament will first need to approve The Great Repeal Bill. This will be in parallel with the Brexit negotiations with the European Union.

How does this affect the client?

The decision of the Parliament on The Great Repeal Bill will prove to be crucial to foreign national’s rights in the EU and UK. Therefore, decisions made on this Bill and the upcoming Brexit negotiations should be kept in mind while making future plans.


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