25 April 2017

UNITED STATES: H-1B Petitions Have Reached Lottery and Concluded

The US Immigration authorities have announced that they have reached the cap for all petitions for an H-1B visa. The cap was reached within the first week of filing.

They have now also concluded the ‘lottery’ to determine which of these petitions will be eligible for processing.

Employers whose petitions were selected will receive receipt notices and, if approved, employees will be eligible to begin work from 1 October 2017. Petitions that were not selected will be returned along with the filing fee.

Petitions that are exempt from the cap will still be accepted as well as extension requests for current H-1B holders and change of employment terms and/or employer.

How does this affect the client?

Due to the system of a lottery to determine eligible H-1B petitions and therefore the relatively low chance of success Clients should consider other visa options or alternatives for highly skilled personnel whose petitions are not selected.  



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