27 September 2017

VIETNAM:  Ho Chi Minh City offers a new work permit category 

Effective immediately a new work permit category that applies to Managers, Executive Directors, Experts and Technical workers in now available in Ho Chi Minh City for intercompany transferees, or ICT’s.

Under the new classification a local labor contract is not required, however an assignment letter must be provided by the overseas entity listed in the Vietnamese license as well as a working testimonial that contains the same information as the assignment letter regarding the sending entity and the employee’s prior experience with the company.

Important to note as well regarding the 12 months experience. Under the regular ICT route the individual must have 12 months experience with the sending entity which must be the same entity listed on the Vietnamese business license, if an employee has worked for another entity within the same business group the 12 months do not count and the company must go through the previous local-hire work permit procedure.

How does this affect the client?

Multinational companies transferring managers and other experts to Vietnam from a related overseas entity will benefit greatly. However, it is currently only available in Ho Chi Minh City, and it is unclear whether other provinces will adopt it.


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