25 April 2017

MALAYSIA: International Schools Have To Get Prior Approval to Increase Fees

International schools wanting to raise their fees must comply with the guidelines set by the Education Ministry.

Under the Education Regulations (Registration of Educational Institutions) 1997, any private educational institution wanting to make any changes to its fee structure must get approval from the Chief Registrar of Education Institutions and Teachers.

In addition:

  • the new proposed fee must not be more than 30% above the current fee
  • the school must provide justification for the hike
  • the application can only be made three years after the previous approval

The ministry issued the reminder after receiving complaints from parents who said international schools had raised their fees up to 50%.

How does this affect the client?

Both employers and employees should be aware of the current rates and monitor any increase to ensure it is within the 30% rate hike cap. Further enquiry could be made to see when the last rate hike proposal was approved and implemented.

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