16 October 2017

MIDDLE EAST: Spot light on quality for international schools in the region

As previously reported in ReloTalk, International schools are a growing sector not just for expats but for locals alike. This trend also seems to be gaining traction in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The UAE can claim the highest number of international schools in the region whilst also the highest enrolment of students, reaching up to half a million.

The fees for international schools in GCC countries are some of the highest in the world but that has not put parents off and instead the focus has shifted onto quality; early education and raising the standards of higher education.

International schools were already popular for the international teaching curriculum and English language teaching skills but now the parents in the region are becoming more demanding and as such reforms are being discussed to consolidate key ministries which will ensure the delivery of better provisions in this growing sector.

How does this affect the client?

Employers in the region should benefit from this focus on quality for schooling since it may increase interest in the region for foreign nationals and hopefully contribute to more successful international assignments there.


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