Language Training

Team Relocations provides flexible programmes that are tailored to the specific language needs of the employee and their family - whether it is a beginner's courses, a refresher, or to learn specific vocabulary skills.

Individual teaching programme structured on:

  • Format – one on one, group, residential, online
  • Expectations – trainee and tutor (objectives, session frequency, self-study)

Time scale

  • Intensive learning – one to two weeks immersion
  • Moderate – two sessions per week in 1½ to 2 hour modules
  • Four months’ progress path from one level to another

Tuition dependant on:

  • Employee aptitude and language background
  • Language under study
  • Consolidation work between sessions
  • Location – at work, home or local school
  • Distance learning for written assignments via e-mail or telephone
  • External factors

Monitoring and assessing:

  • Feedback – formal reports, lesson content sheets, informal observations
  • Evaluation – examinations, questionnaires, self-assessment, appraisals
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